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Second Law of Branding (Incremental Additions)

The second law is an extension of our first law. This law is also very powerful and most definitely differentiates you from competition.

The law says if A causes B,

A ===== > B


A + (just a very small A or C) ===== > much, much Larger B

This law states that if effort A has caused the outcome B, a very small addition of the same effort A or C will results in much better outcome B.

This law is behind the science of advertising. Advertisers are usually interested in tracking where they spend money as to which advertising outlet produces the higher results. They then increase the advertising money in the outlet that produces more results.

This law can also apply to your website or product. By just becoming a bit better in certain areas, you can improve the results significantly. A bit more effort might get you much better results; a bit more motivation, you might get all the sales.

Improvement in market knowledge, buyer power, product acceptance, where and how the product is bought and used, who buys the product, and who uses the product can make a big difference.

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