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Internet Advertising

Let's apply our Branding Laws to Internet Advertising. The first law is about repeating success. I think when it comes to Internet Advertising, Google again has done an unbelievable job. It is amazing how many innovative Internet Advertising Tools have originated from Google.

Internet Advertising, Online Advertising

Google AdWords Select is an amazing Internet Advertising tools. I also like Overture and Yahoo. If you can think of others, email us and we will add them to this section. Try to apply the laws. We also like people who advertise on AdWords Select. Send us your choice for innovative advertisers on Google, Yahoo or Overture.

The second law is about doing a bit more. We wait for your input.

The third law is about perceived quality. Which website or company do you think add more to you if you buy from them. Who do you think has done the best when it comes to this law?

The fourth law is about price. Which website do you think, with the right Internet Advertising, has convince you that price is not an issue?

The fifth law is about primary and secondary motivations. Which website do you think has used the law of secondary motivations to their best interest? Try to show us their Internet Advertising.



The rest of this page is inspired by a book called Guts by John Lyons; Some Excerpts:


There is no such a thing as a dull product; only dull approaches to an interesting product

There are no failures, only ineffective solutions


Writing Ad Copy and Internet Advertising:

VW AD Pic; Internet Advertising, Online Advertising

VW Ad: It was the only thing to do after the mule died

John Lyons: "Who can confidently say what ignites a certain combination of words in an online advertising, causing an explosion in the mind of the consumer to jump, go and buy your new product. Inspired online advertising and copy is a mystery. Any attempt to explain it is a mystery story in thin disguise."

John Lyons in his book, GUTS, likes the winning definition by Leo Burnett: "The greatest thing to be achieved in copy is to be believed, and nothing is more believable than the product itself."

Here is my own definition: " The best online advertising, with simplicity and style, creates a dream or an imaginative positive result that hit all the right spots in the mind of the web site visitor. The product itself must and must eventually fulfill the promised dream or your product is soon out of the market."

"An ad written with style is communication through revelation."

"Style is not a trick of grammar or a slavish devotion to copy principles. Style emerges from an attitude of mind. The winning approach is by way of simplicity, order, and sincerity, thus drawing the consumer's attention to the sense and substance of the product."

John: "If the person who writes the online advertising is crass, dull, or tricky, it shows. If the person is enlightened, sincere, friendly, informative, and imaginative, it also shows."


By hitting all the right spots in the mind of the consumer, I mean, the consumer immediately senses that "the person knows me, he knows my problem, he knows my dream, he knows what I like, he knows where I want to go, he knows, period." I believe a consumer has usually more than one criteria in mind when he makes a decision to buy. If you can satisfy at least five out of seven of those criteria, you have sold your product.


VW advertising; Internet Advertising, Online Advertising

New Product Introductions Ads

Can you demonstrate product superiority? Can you clearly show in an ad or online advertising that your product is superior? Can you show the advantages?

The animated advertising for Trac II razor is a great example. They successfully demonstrated how one blade just nips a whisker and the second finishes it off. Is there any improvement on an existing product that an ad can clearly show?

Creating a new product introduction ad has never been easy. Entrepreneurs, however, love it. Yes, this is the tough part for many of us, and yet you should be proud you are still at it and doing your best. Here is why:

In the mid-1970s, it cost $10 million to get a new product off the ground. In 1986, it was 80 million. By 2002, the average cost broke the $150 million mark. One reason is the urge to merge and acquire the competition or other companies. Eliminating the competition does not work. It just makes things more expensive.



VW AD Pic; Internet Advertising, Online Advertising

Is The Economy trying to tell you something?

Online Advertising Strategy to create a new niche

We should all admire the "Never had it, never will" campaign for 7-UP. While Coke and Pepsi were engaged in their own version of Star Wars, 7-UP was out listening to consumers.

What 7-UP heard was the real concerns about additives and potential health hazards of caffeine. All this strategy did was to create a whole new segment in the one-billion-dollar soft drink industry. While Coke and Pepsi were crying in their colas, shouting "fouls", 7-UP was experiencing a sales gain of more than 10 percent.


"If Levi's is a legend, it's because the advertising takes the time to explain that a Levi's button and a Levi's stitch stay in place forever."

If Charmin is perceived as the softest toilet paper, it's because the advertising leverages the fact that Charmin is a two-ply tissue and a one-million-dollar machine puffs softness in between every tissue.

Here are some other good examples:Creative advertising; Internet Advertising, Online Advertising

The cat food, cats ask for by name! (full of ideas)
Everything you ever wanted in a beer. And Less. (sort of stating the benefits)
The oil that saves you gas. (state the benefits)
That's Hot 'n Juicy. (invoke and evoke visual)
Quality is our recipe. (Wendy's ad)
It's like opening a present. (Polaroid; make it believable)
A car that belongs to the year 2002. (2002 BMW AD; Mine)
Act On Vision. (again Mine)


Take a Risk and beat the competition with that Bold Ad!

All antiperspirant stop odor and wetness, but who can claim "Raise your hand if you're sure"?
All mouthwashes fight bad breath, but only one "Fights bad breath.....doesn't give medicine breath."
All hand lotions relieves dryness, but only one gives you "intensive care."
All detergents clean clothes, but only one is strong enough to get the "ring around the collar."
All express services offer overnight delivery, but "if you absolutely, positively have to have it, you'd know where to go."
All fabric softeners offer softness; only one gives you "clothes you can't wait to jump into."
There are of course many performance luxury cars, however, only one manufacturer offers "the ultimate driving machine"
All Internet Marketing Services promise submitting you to all search engines, however, only one urges you to "Act On Vision"
All cars belong to the year they were introduced, however, only one boasts "the driving cell that is ahead of it's time" (Mine and is open to be claimed by the next Fuel Cell car)

Advertising for BMW; Internet Advertising, Online Advertising


Entrepreneurial Online Advertising

The best thing about serving entrepreneurs is to feel their enthusiasm, passion and the presence of no fear. Entrepreneurs have lots of enthusiasm yet no fear. They are plucky and create for the love of the game. Once Entrepreneur Phyllis Robinson said, " Enthusiasm is the leavening agent," she verifies a basic truth: entrepreneurial work is an energy business. The truly talented people in our business are craft oriented. What makes them so special? It's their personal vows to their craft. They are also the best creative advertisers. If you still have not visited our naming page, click here.


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